Top 9 Accent Wall Living Room Ideas

Adding accent wall living room is one way to transform your home with creation and manifestation. Instead of leaving your walls empty, you can consider them as canvas that allows your sense of art to show off.

Brown Living Room Accent Wall Decor

An excellence pop of color makes adorable wall art. It is about pouring the kind of environment to experience by you and visitors. The theory of basic color is a must consideration as well as the structures of the living room itself. Both can bring the room alive although decided by your own taste of style in decorating.

Art Display

Living Room Accent Walls Pictures

The fine art should represent your flavor and personality. Whatever the style of the accent wall, it displays your look completely. It is best to place the art display where visitors accumulate like the room.

A statement is what to really show as the main element of decor. It is like to draw your visitors in with interesting pieces of wall structure with value.

Geometric Pattern

Geometric Pattern Living Room Accent Walls Ideas

It is a popular choice for the modern, elegant, and distinguish living room accent wall. There are more than just pops of color but a remarkable decor. Patterns are plenty to explore and apply as you like.

Adorning accent walls have multiple figures including triangles, squares, hexagons and more without limitations. You can mix and match a striking backdrop.

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Painted Living Room Wall Accent Ideas

Painting a color accent can be an interesting way to give your living room a simple yet attractive update. You better to decide which one to become center point before painting.

Any special architecture can be emphasized using bright colors. Make each of them proportional so that one not to overpower another.


Living Room Molding Accent Walls

Simple and subtle, having living room molding offers an ideal solution. Depth is easy to add into the dimensions of the room while becoming decorative feature between walls and floors.

There are many materials available such as wood, rubber, foam and plastic for the flexibility in decorating your living room. Everyone will find it a charming addition.


Living Room Wall Stenciling Ideas

Beautiful and diverse, DIY stenciling can make an accent wall. Easy to set up without taking much time, this is a good choice with affordable cost too.

Durability is an important consideration before design. Taping or painting, your home can have an eye-catching accent wall.


Modern Living Room with Mural Accent Walls

Stunning and unforgettable for a statement in your living room, it is also a unique way to show off your personality. Pops of colors are bold here.

You can have a wall accent that one and only in the world with mural style. It is a good choice for often living room redecorating with new artwork.

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Living Room Fabric Wall Accent Ideas

To become an accent decor, it sets the mood at the same time. Any style and theme is pourable so that the whole room as you adore.

Designs are geometric, chevron, floral, monochrome and much more to make very interesting accent wall in your living room.


Living Room Wood Accent Wall Ideas

It is to create a retreat feel in your room with a lumber accent on your living room wall. Rustic, antique and other style can blend nicely with this textured accent.

Color and stain on wood accents offer flexibility to create the structure that sets your mood the most. This idea is even to make visitors to feel like at home.


Contemporary Living Room Stone Wall Accent Ideas

Luxury with natural accent wall can be just simple with stone art. Your preferences and budget decide which stone to display a center point.

Naturalism is a feature by this wall accent that catches everyone’s attention.